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Creative Use for Old Picture Frames

I love to display family photos, but hate the continuous looming task of keeping the photos up to date and fresh! Let's face it, in today's world with everything being digital we take countless photos but rarely look back at them. This easy DIY project will help you accomplish both tasks of utilizing your old picture frames AND giving you the ability to change out your family photos in a snap!

Step One:

Take out the glass and the backing off of each frame and clean with Krud Kutter or a comparable degreaser.

Step Two:

Spray paint with your favorite chalkpaint or regular paint - I prefer a matt finish, but that is totally personal preference.

Step Three:

Spray with polyurethane - I used a matt finish as well. You'll want to put at least 2 coats and allow them to fully dry in between coats (usually about 1-2 hours).

Step Four:

Attached a piece of twine to the back of the frame with a staple gun on both sides. Then attach either a clothespin or small clip (I found mine at Michaels).


Measure the area where you'd like to hang your frames.

Step Six:

Use a bed sheet to simulate the dimensions of the area on the wall (you can also use blue tape on the floor to tape the area) and arrange the frames asthetically, keep in mind size of the frames/photos within, visual weight/texture and the style of the frame. Alternate sizes and styles to create visual interest.

Step Seven:

Once you have your frames arranged take a photo. It's a good idea to create several options and take photos than compare them on a computer to choose the arrangements that you like best. This is a really important step, because sometimes the one you think you like best when compared with others is not really the best one!


Once you've selected your best option, recreate it on your bed sheet and hang on the wall. I did have to change one or two frames once I saw them on the wall, but mostly I kept to the plan! This works great for wall collages as well.

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