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If Shiplap is out, what’s in for 2021?

Sorry Chip and Joanna, we still love you, but shiplap in 2021 will again be an element of the past. Believe it or not, it’s been seven years since Joanna Gaines introduced Shiplap to viewers on her TV show “Fixer Upper” and people have been obsessed ever since. It has evolved over the last seven years from exposed shiplap beneath walls to high glossy white shiplap used as a decorative feature just about anywhere: feature walls, ceilings, kitchen islands, etc. In fact, many of the rustic features that we’ve all come to love, such as barn doors and that distressed look are also trending downward for 2021.

So what trends will take their place? This past year has changed the way we live more than ever. We have spent so much time at home in 2020 and as a result, the demand for a comfortable, mulit -functional and asthectially pleasing space has become front and center for 2021. Here are the top 5 trends we see for the year ahead.

Color, Color, Color

Good-bye cool grays and neutrals and HELLO warm, organic hues. The stress of 2020 has definitely taken its toll and people are longing for relaxation and stress relief at home. In addition to a warmer netural color palette, rich, contrasting colors found in nature that evoke a sense of grounding while adding an element of contrast within a space, such as dark browns (Sherwin Williams "Urban Bronze), greens (Behr "Royal Orchard) and blues (Benjamin Moore "Aegean Teal") will also be in demand for 2021.

It's All in the Details!

In addition to color, architectural details provide an opportunity to bring the outdoors in. Natural, pale wood tones, stone and wrought iron are being seen in everything from décor to cabinetry and furnishings. In lieu of shiplap, we are seeing tongue and groove, natural wood paneling, beadboard and other wood features on ceilings to draw the eye upward, as a decorative feature on kitchen islands, accent walls and above fireplace mantels, and/or just about anywhere you'd like to draw attention.

Function and Flow

With the majority of our lives now being spent at home, people are recognizing “open concept” is not all it’s cracked up to be! As we work, play, attend class, cook and relax in sometimes the same space, the need for separation will be key in 2021! Don’t get me wrong, we still love our open concept, however the key is to create that open spacious feel yet still accomplish all of the tasks needed within that space. In 2021, we will see the creation of zones within a space by the use of screens, plants and free standing furniture which help to create the illusion of separation. Going forward, functional design must retain that open, spacious feel, with the awareness of how the entire room must function and all of the roles that it’s utilized for on a daily basis.

Adding Personality thru Color!

As mentioned earlier, the neutral color palette will be getting a face lift for 2021, as well as the introduction of bolder contrast colors! We are starting to see the trend of “all white” spaces being redefined with strong pops of color and contrast. Wallpaper is definitely on the rise and invariably adds instant personality to a room. However, if you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, it may be wise to wait until your new home before utilizing this design trend.

Creative ways to organize, de-clutter and simplify

Organization has always been considered important in design, however, this coming year more than ever we are seeing a trend of people wanting to simplify, de-clutter and live a more stress free life. Whether that means, owning less stuff OR finding unique and creative ways to organize and hide it all. And of course, the tiny house movement is still gaining momentum in 2021, thus continuing to strengthen the demand for organizational tips, tricks and hacks!

I think it’s safe to say that we are all happy that 2020 is over! It has been a tumultuous year to say the very least! At Porchlight we wish everyone a very happy, healthy and safe 2021!

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