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Image Matters!

With more than seven million Airbnb listings around the world and over 150 million travelers booking their vacations using this and other vacation rental platforms, the share market has never been more popular AND more competitive!

Let us design and stage your property for success! 


In a 2017 study conducted by Airbnb analyzing the effect of images on purchases, found that if hosts implemented a few key image attributes to their listing photos it increased their annual revenue by over: 


per year!

Whether you are an experienced investor or first time vacation rental property owner - we have a solution for you!

Porchlight Staging and Design can help your Airbnb or Short Term Rental property listing capture and capitalize user views.  Now more than ever, online photos are critical to a business’s success and nowhere is that more apparent than on booking sites, such as Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway.  When more people view, like and love your vacation rental listing … the result is more bookings, increased rankings and more importantly..... money in your pocket!



As a Vacation Rental design professional, we are frequently asked, what is the minimum required for maximum results and ultimately more bookings? 


No matter your budget or time constraints, we have a solution that will suit your needs. 

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  • We provide you with a comprehensive plan tailored for your specific property and target market, utilizing what you already own.

  • A customer portal that houses all of your renderings, floor plans, suggested products and related documentation that you can access 24/7.

  • A 3D rendering of your space with 360 degree views, enabling you to virtually walk through your newly designed rental space.  In addition, we create a moodboard for each space with product links and pricing for each suggested purchase.

  • Our design team sets up your entire space over the course of 7-10 days (depending on the extent of the project) and the best part don't have to lift a finger!

  • A Host Guidebook for your guests that includes what to do and see during their stay.

  • A detailed budget will be provided and shared with you to allow for complete transparency!

  • Pricing determined after the initial consultation.

Call Us Today to Book a Consulation

What You Can Expect

  • They neglect to hire a design professional that specializes in short term rentals

  • They fail to see the link between beautiful online photos and number of bookings

  • They neglect to hire a professional photographer to take photos of their property

  • They fail to recognize key components that should be included in every Airbnb or short-term vacation rental increasing the likelihood of return visits and positive reviews

  • They fail to understand that replacing outdated or worn furnishings is an investment and over time will increase bookings and ROI!

Common Mistakes that Vacation Rental Property Owners Make When Listing their Airbnb or Short Term Rental:
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