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My Favorite Organization Hacks for Your Home

Organization is like dieting, it is not something you do once and forget about, it is a continuous process that really never ends! You can, however, utilize some "tricks of the trade" to make that process easier and less time consuming in the future. Here are my favorite ideas, products and words to live by when it comes to organization.

  • Buy a labelmaker. Labelmakers are essential to every organization project, unless of course you have super neat hand writing, which I don't! In addition, they are surprisingly, just as inexpensive as using handwritten labels. Labelmakers range in price from $20 up to $100 - but you really only need a basic labelmaker and paper labels. Don't waste your money on the expensive plastic labels, the paper works just fine! I recommend the basic handheld Dymo, this one on Amazon comes with 2 catridges of labels to start, so it's a good deal.

  • Versatile Drawer Organizer. This is my favorite organization product because it can be

used just about anywhere to organize anything and can be cut to fit any size drawer. No more measuring and scanning the internet or stores trying to find just the right size! It's pretty genius acutally! The DIY version would be to use the inserts in moving boxes made for glasses or the inserts in Christmas tree ornament boxes - but these are so cheap why would you? Here they are on Amazon a set of 8 for $9.

  • Declutter First before You Buy. When organizing it is much easier to make storage space by removing clutter than it is to find additional space! The tendency is to get really motivated and go out and buy all kinds of containers and storage items BEFORE you assess what you really need! Don't do this! De-clutter and get rid of stuff you don't want or need, while doing so you may find you already have containers that you can use. A good trick is to keep a laundry basket or box in a closet and when you run across something that you no longer need or want, you simply throw it in the basket for that future trip to Goodwill. That trick works great with clothing! When something is easy it is much more likely that you will stay on track!

  • Show Those Pesky Container Lids Who’s Boss! This organization hack is really genius!

If you have little ones, then you probably have a slinky or two laying around? Add a lazy susan and you have a really simple way to organize your container lids! Also great for children's books.

  • Lacking Motivation, Start Small. Organizing can be overwhelming at first, so start small and relish in the small accomplishments. It will give you the motivation to continue on. Choosing an area that you are most excited about seeing a change in, is also a good place to start, as long as you break that area up and work on one section at a time - ie if it's an office, maybe start with a bookshelf or one drawer in your desk, etc. Stay focused and don't get side-tracked, finish that section all the way through before you move on to the next. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment and the results will give you the incentive to tackle another problem area! Before you know it you've organized the entire room!

  • Tension Rods Are Not Just For Curtains! One of my favorite organization hacks by far,

is to use tension rods to organize! They are super versatile and great to use in closets or pantries. One trick is to install a tension rod in a pantry or closet, hang binder clips or pants hangers clipped with baggies. The baggies can contain spices, chip bags, crafts and just about anything you can fit in a baggie. Another trick is to use a tension rod under the sink to hang cleaners or in the shower with S hooks and baskets for additional toiletry items. Tension rods can also be used for ribbons and gift wrap, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

  • Utilize Vertical Space. This space is often forgotten about and can really increase your storage capacity! I love this organization unit for under a kitchen or bathroomsink, it's sturdy and adaptable to just about any size sink. This one is on Amazon for $30, but you can also find them at the Container Store or Walmart.

  • Put Those Old Looseleaf Binders to Work! Just remove the

binder clip mechanism from the binder and install it anywhere you need to hang items. I use one to hang my measuring cups and spoons.

  • Love Your Veggies Again! – Okay, I know you’re probably thinking, what in the world does that have to do with organization! I guess it depends on the person, but I love vegetables and have always been frustrated with the amount of space given to fruits and vegetables in most refrigerators! These cool refrigerator bins are awesome and can be installed easily on any shelf! Not only do they help keep your shelves clean and refrigerator tidy, but more importantly they provide much needed space for those all important veggies!

  • Command Hooks Are King! There are so many great ways to use command hooks. Here are a few of my favorites, the photos speak for themselves. I also use them on the inside of a plastic bin to store USB cords for easy access. Happy Organizing!

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